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Tips and tricks to make your wedding day easier.

Here are a few tips to stay on schedule your wedding day:


  • Please do not wash your hair the day of your wedding. Day old hair will hold better and be easier to manage than freshly washed hair.

  • Bring pictures and your veil / adornments with you to your practice style/dry run. If they would like, your attendants may bring pictures as well.

  • Prices are subject to change at the discretion of the stylist, based on amount of time taken. Refer to our Bridal Services Menu.

  • Wear a button down / wide neck top.

  • Arrive ten minutes prior to service so we can keep the group on schedule.

  • We recommend nail services be scheduled for a day or two before your event.

  • Complete a Wedding Contract.

  • Relax, sit back and be prepared to be pampered ...



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